A most ingenious town

Darlington, 'the birthplace of the railways'. So says anyone trying to improve the calibre of this town to a guest or visitor. 

But had it not been for the experiment that was steam locomotion on the Darlington & Stockton Railway, we may not have had the rail network the world has today.

Aside from considering the butterfly effect of George Stephenson and Edward Pease meeting to discuss the railway, it is worthy to consider the industry that still graces Darlington today. Engineering expertise to service based businesses and telecoms. 

Considering this. We are delighted to announce we are on board with Ingenious Darlington in every way possible. Proud to be part of the town, it's economy and it's culture. We're looking forward to working with Ingeniuous Darlington and the businesses associated with it to try and make Darlington stand out. 

Whilst we operate in a simple industry (we make things cleaner), our aim is to try and find ingenious ways of doing our work and dealing with our amazing customers. We're hoping to see more of Ingenious Darlington branding when we're travelling around town window cleaning, pressure washing or clearing gutters etc.  

If you would like to get involved or find out more info just click http://www.ingeniousdarlington.co.uk/